Large Sample Non Contact Profile Measurement Plana 2D


              Planar 2D is a 2D inspection machine that help manufacturers to quickly check product quality. With a high resolution camera that can create TCH Files, you can compare measurement results with CAD Files and can reverse engineering quickly, suitable for flat parts from laser, plasma, water jet cutting, punching, stamping and others
Planar 2D machines have a variety of sizes from small to large. The manufacturer can measure workpieces from sizes 500 mm x 333 mm (19 "x 13") to 3000 mm x 1220 mm (118 "x 48") (focusing on work pieces that are Length) or 2355 mm x 1570 mm (93 "x 62"). The accuracy starts at ± 12 microns to ± 100 microns (± 0.00047 "to ± 0.0039") according to the properties of each model.


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