Digital Sight-Qi2 (DS-Qi2)

The DS-Qi2 is an excellent choice for applications in quantitative fluorescence imaging.

Large format CMOS sensors
Nikon manufactures CMOS sensors and imaging technologies for professional D-SLR cameras, which are now optimized for microscopy.

High sensitivity (Detects even faint fluorescent signals)
7.3µm pixels, high quantum efficiency, and very low read noise allow the DS-Qi2 to even read faint fluorescent signals.

Excellent linearity (Reliable quantitative analysis made possible)
With a linearity error of ±1%, the DS-Qi2 is a superb tool for measuring intensities in fluorescence samples, including time-based intensity measurement and ratiometric measurement.

Low noise (Acquires dim fluorescent signals with ultra-low noise)
2.2 electrons read noise, coupled with a large full-well capacity, allows for the acquisition of fluorescence images with very little noise and a very high dynamic range.

Time-lapse photography (Fluorescent time-lapse imaging through integration with NIS-Elements software)
With a large field of view, high pixel density, and low noise, the DS-Qi2 is ideal for time-resolved imaging applications.