The ECLIPSE E200 POL features an extremely compact body that takes up little space on your desk. And because the E200 POL's design is based on the ECLIPSE E200 biological microscope, it shares the same objectives and uses many of the accessories created for higher-grade Eclipse series microscopes.

Reversed-type nosepiece
The reversed-type quadruple nosepiece provides more space at the front of the stage to make handling of specimen slides fast and easy.

Eyepiece tubes
The Siedentopf-type eyepiece tube — P-TB2 binocular or P-TT3 trinocular — is inclined at 25° to ensure a natural posture for more comfortable viewing.

De Sénarmont and quartz wedge compensators are available for quantitative retardation measurement.

Refocusing stage with upper limit set stop
The stage can be easily lowered to change specimens or oil the slide by simply pushing it down. It returns to its original position when the hand is removed. This eliminates the need to refocus the image manually, making specimen handling safer and easier.