The Nikon ECLIPSE LV100N POL was designed for highest level of optical quality, operability, and stability as a polarized light microscopy. 

Uniform brightness with diascopic illumination
Nikon's unique fly-eye lens employed in the diascopic illumination optics ensures uniform brightness throughout the visual field - perfect for digital imaging.

High-precision rotating stage
The stage is large, pre-adjusted, and click-stops in 45° increments. The smooth stage movement allows stable and easy rotation, providing high operability and high-quality polarized images.

Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece
Nosepiece comes with a DIN standard compensator slot to accept various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements. All five objectives are center-able.

Diascopic/Episcopic illumination type
The epi-illuminator uses the same 12V-50W lamphouse as the diascopic illuminator, providing brighter illumination than a conventional 100W lamp. With an optional universal-type nosepiece and DIC accessories (including objectives).