To meet the demands of clinical laboratory specialists and researchers, Nikon has reviewed all aspects of microscope usability to develop the Nikon ECLIPSE Ci series microscope, which balances superior functionality with operational ease. The ergonomic of microscope, viewing images, sample changing, and capturing images are all conducted with a natural posture.

Motorized magnification switching (Ci-E) 
Magnification can be easily changed during observation with the touch of a button on the Eclipse Ci-E microscope body. The buttons can also be programmed for specific objective lenses for easy switching between specific pairs. 

Eco-illumination (Ci-E and Ci-L)
By combining a collimator lens, fly-eye optics and LED illumination, bright and uniform images up to the periphery can be obtained. The LED is a low power consumption unit that reduces lamp replacement frequency thanks to its long-life, and provides the same color temperature in every magnification.

Enhanced operational ease (Ci-E, Ci-L and Ci-S)
Using the ergonomic binocular tube, which features an eyepiece that can be inclined from 10° to 30°and extended up to 40 mm, the microscope can be adjusted for natural posture.