NIS-Elements Imaging Software

NIS-Elements can serve as as simple interface for photo-documentation and also power complex, conditional workflows with automated imaging and analysis routines. In addition, utilizing deep learning, a subfield of AI technology, NIS-Elements can perform high-speed image processing and analysis according to the user's specific needs.

Nikon's flagship NIS-Elements package (Ar)
Optimized for advanced research application, Nikon's flagship software package features fully automated image acquistion, advanced device control and powerful analysis and visualization tools.

Standard research application package (Br)
Developed for standard research applications such as analysis and photodocumentation of fluorescent imaging, NIS-Elements BR features up to four-dimensional acquisition and advanced device control capabilities.

Photoducumentation/clinical application package (D)
Software package for photo-documentation and clinical application. Include basic measuring and reporting tools.

Confocal imaging package (C)
Dedicated interface for Nikon's confocal and multiphoton systems, providing easy instrument setup and streamlined operation. Incorporates many of the features of NIS-Elements AR for advanced acquisition, image processing, analysis, visualization and data sharing capability.

Confocal resolution enhancement (ER)
Higher resolution confocal images can be easily generated with a single click. The software assesses the captured image and automatically determines processing parameters to achieve enhanced resolution.

High content analysis (HC)
Total acquisition-to-analysis solution for high-content imaging applications. Seamless workflow from microscope and peripheral device control to data analysis and management.