The new Nikon Eclipse Ei educational microscope was designed for user-friendliness. To help users quickly learn how to operate Ei, we’ve released the free smartphone-friendly Ei Online Guide – a collection of step-by-step operational instructions (including cleaning) that can be simply accessed by scanning the QR code on the microscope.

High definition, large FOV optical system
The dedicated CFI BE2 Plan Achromat series objective and the 10X eyepiece achieve a large field of view of 20 mm.

High- magnification objectives with superior image clarity
The bright, high-resolution 100X objective* exhibits superior
imaging performance through oil immersion, clearly capturing fine

Teach yourself microscope operation with the Online Guide

By simply scanning a QR code, students can quickly access the Online Guide
on their smartphones to independently learn how to operate the microscope.

Perfect for online education

By connecting the Digital Sight 1000 camera to a tablet PC equipped with NIS-Elements L imaging software, images of specimens on the ECLIPSE Ei
can be easily shared in real time with other PCs and smart devices. This system is a powerful tool for virtual teaching using web conferencing services