The Nikon ECLIPSELV100ND POL/DS is a high-performance, polarized light microscope with accessories that enable dispersion staining observation at up to 400x magnification.

The LV100ND POL/DS employs optics with high extinction factors, facilitating detection and observation of high-precision optical properties.

The LV100ND POL/DS enables analysis of birefringence, extinction angles, signs of elongation, refractive indices, birefringence magnitudes, and pleochroism of asbestos.

Changing the objectives and PH modules allows observation of asbestos dispersion colors corresponding to the refractive indices of the immersion liquid. The LV100ND POL/DS enables both quantitative analysis and dispersion staining observation of asbestos.

A fully rotatable circular graduated stage offers trouble-free sample rotation and accurate analysis during polarization observation.