NEXIV In-House Training: February 2024

On February 13–14, 2024, the Industrial Instruments Division held the basic training of the Nikon CNC Video Measuring System (NEXIV VMZS-3020) for the group of electronic and semiconductor customers. After finishing training, the participants also got the certificates for this course. We sincerely hope that everyone will be able to apply the knowledge to raise the quality system in your organization very well.
Highlights of the Nikon NEXIV VMZS Series

    - Non-contact CNC Video Measuring System
    - Best-in-class accuracy is 0.3 um.
    - An optic lens with a high N.A. value (Max 0.55) results in sharp images in every dimension.
    - Two 8-segment ring illuminations allow for viewing all measuring points, which is even more difficult to see.
    - Intelligence software with powerful features supports all flexible parts very well.
    - It is convenient and easy to use with various automatic modes such as auto-program, auto-light 
      optimization, auto-edge selection, teaching navigation, etc.
    - Real-time Data Transfer (DDE: Dynamic Data Exchange)
    - Calibration is accredited to ISO 17025.
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