Nikon X-Ray: VOXLS 30

Nikon is introducing the new X-ray CT System in the VOXLS 30 for non-destructive testing. The VOXLS 30 aims to fulfill the specific requirements of users in industrial settings who are looking for an X-ray machine that supports automation systems.
The VOXLS 30 is designed for production and research across a broad range of industries and provides the flexibility to inspect everything from intricate electronics to castings. Whether on the production line or in the lab, the VOXLS 30 design ensures efficiency and reliability. Ideal for manufacturers in the automotive industry, aerospace, metals, medical devices, and more.
At the core of VOXLS 30 systems is a metrology-grade, granite-based manipulator coupled with rigid steel towers, high-precision motors, and linear encoders. The construction provides more accurate manipulator positioning and generates highly precise, repeatable measurement data throughout the entire scan volume.
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