ViTrox’s AOI for Superior Precision and Quality

The V510i 3D AOI solution stands out for its pioneering integration of in-depth artificial intelligence (AI) smart technologies. A.I. integration in our V510i 3D AOI Solution represents a significant shift in programming and defect classification. With A.I. features, you can achieve automated programming and buy-off processes to reduce skilled manual labor requirements as well as the risks of human error.
A.I. Smart Programming rapidly improves the programming speed and guarantees quality, accuracy, and consistency during inspections. One of the standout features of our A.I. Smart Programming is its extensive coverage, encompassing up to 90% of SMT components. This coverage now includes SMT connectors, further enhancing the programming capabilities and delivering high-quality inspections for our valued customers. In addition, users can experience up to four times faster programming time with A.I. Smart Programming.
Our V510i 3D AOI Solution also includes the A.I. ViTrox Verification Tool Solution (A.I. VVTS), a feature that further enhances the post-inspection analysis and judgment, thus eliminating human judgment mistakes. This automation streamlines buy-off processes in repair stations and provides consistent inspection results with an impressive ~90% A.I. accuracy, leading to less than a 1% escape rate and offering our customers an unrivaled level of confidence in the inspection results. Additionally, the A.I. VVTS has an A.I. coverage of over 90% for both common and challenging defects. Hence, this A.I. solution allows users to automate buy-off in production with up to 50% yield improvement and up to 60% labor cost reduction.
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