Lecture at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Development Command (RTA)

On November 8–9, 2023, Surveying Division and Defentec Ltd. subsidiaries were invited by the Royal Thai Armed Forces Development Command (RTA) to be their speakers in a lecture and training on Trimble C5 Total Station for road surveying, leveling, and excavation work to be able to improve their areas that are in the mission that they are responsible for.
The first day began with the principles and theories for surveying and leveling roads and excavating and filling areas. Then our product specialist explained how to use the Trimble C5 total station in accordance with the mission and recommended total station care and maintenance procedures.
On the second day, there was a practical session divided into two missions: a road surveying mission and a pond filling mission. Each group had our product specialist closely introduce the use of the Trimble C5 Total Station and how to collect road alignment and generate cross sections to adjust alignment and level, collecting the high and low areas around the pond and the bottom of the pond in order to calculate the amount of soil that needs to be filled. The Trimble C5 functions were quick and easy to understand, so the trainees could collect all that data in no time.
In the afternoon, our product specialist taught how to transfer the collected data to open and create a project in the Trimble Business Center (TBC). Generating and processing the data in this program was simple. For a pond filling mission, the collected field data of the pond can be used to generate contours and view them in 3D. Road missions can also generate the stored road lines and can also improve and edit some of the data that is not needed.