CNC Video Mesuring System
CMM-Manager for iNEXIV

CMM-Manager for iNEXIV


Nikon Metrology has released CMM-Manager 3.6 for iNEXIV (Nikon CNC VDO measuring system). With a powerful and user-friendly interface, CMM-Manager 3.5 integrates vision measuring, laser autofocus, rotary indexing, and touch probing to provide a true 3D multi-sensor system.

Interfacing with the CAD model is now an integrated part of measuring and inspection with the iNEXIV video measurement systems. This allows users to take programming and inspection offline by picking CAD features to create collision-free probe paths for tactile and vision measurements

Generally, vision measurements assumed users were working in a 2D template on an X-Y work plane, and 3D CAD-based measurements were not allowed. The latest CMM-Manager software imports a broad range of 3D CAD models, and users can pick features to create automatic probe paths for both vision and tactile measuring. Regardless of part complexity or geometry, parts are automatically aligned for the most efficient inspection and measuring. Simulations can be run.

The measurement can be expressed as 3D reports in the forms of charts and models, as opposed to long tables of X-Y data. This makes reporting and decision making much faster and easier.

CMM-Manager 3.5 is not only available for iNEXIV equipment; it can be retrofitted onto existing CMMs and portable CMM arms from Nikon Metrology.

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