Ultra HD Digital Video Microscope
INSPECTIS – U10 Series

All-in-One optical inspection system with 10:1 optical zoom, auto focus, integrated illumination and on-board controls. Produces crisp ultra HD 4K picture of your inspection directly on LCD monitor

 Features :


Ø Designed for Productivity

Reliable and cost effective high definition optical inspection system with 10:1 optical zoom, auto focus, ultra HD 4K, Integrated illumination and On-board controls, as well as built in LED laser pointer.


Ø Designed for Ergonomic Use

Provide relief to eyes, neck and shoulders. The unique ergonomic design with 230mm working distance and Max. Field of View with 218 x 122.6 mm allows operators to sit comfortably in a good working position.


Ø Making Inspection Easier

Apart from imaging excellent details, U10 series offers true ease of use and minimal interaction with controls and settings basic attributes by the user through on-board button such as zoom, brightness, color image.


Ø Superior Optics

Inspectis high resolution optics with fast and precise autofocus produces sharp pictures of inspection objects with true color. Systems standard optics with 2.727x magnification is comparable to common inspection microscopes.

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