Inverted Microscopes

 Inverted Research Microscope


Diascopic Illumination and Diascopic/Epi-fluorescence Illumination Models

Two models are available to meet your needs; a diascopic illumination model, the Eclipse Ts2R, and an epi-fluorescence illumination model, the Eclipse Ts2R-FL

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                Eclipse Ts2R/  Ts2R-FL Diascopic and Episcopic illumination model

Versatile Observation with LED Illuminator

New LED-based diascopic and epi-fluorescence observation.

In addition to conventional contrasting methods such as Phase Contrast, DIC, and Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast, the Eclipse Ts2R also provides a newly developed Emboss Contrast technique to support imaging through both plastic and glass culture chambers. Thick samples such as cancer cells, oocytes and embryos which are difficult to observe with conventional phase contrast methods, can also be easily observed with Emboss Contrast which provides high-contrast, pseudo-three-dimensional images without the need for costly optical components.


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