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Nikon CMM with Laser Scanners LC15DX

Improving quality of treatment for patients

For the quality assurance of 3D-printed medical implants, Baltic Orthoservice uses the LC15Dx laser scanner on an ALTERA CMM. The goal is to guarantee the absolute best quality of product for its patients and to make patient specific implants more readily available.

main feature


  • -   The LC15Dx laser scanner on an ALTERA CMM provides accurate, fast and reliable surface and screw hole inspection
  • -   Nikon Metrology laser scanners make the scanning of various materials easy
  • -   With no moving parts in the LC15Dx, the scanner isn’t vulnerable complications resulting in expensive maintenance

Baltic Orthoservice is a medical company in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 2012, it invested in additive manufacturing technology for producing 3D-printed, patient-specific implants. However, with this powerful technology comes difficulties. To predict the quality and geometry of 3D-printed objects is rather challenging. For this, the absolute best QA equipment is required…


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