About Us

About Us


Welcome to the Scientific Instruments Division! 
Scientific Instruments Division was established in 1979 started distributing Nikon Microscopes 
which are world-wide recognized for both quality and reputation. Years later,  we had expanded  
our scope of business until we covered the realm of research field, such as from Biological  
Microscopy to Confocal Microscopy, various supplementary instruments that could be optionally  
attached to our microscopes like image capturing systems for various laboratory research works,  
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), laser instruments for hatching and microdissection processes.  
We are the leading of being professional in our specific field in order to offer the best quality service 
to our customers.  
Well-known product brands that we are distributing exclusively: 

Nikon Microscope : Education Microscope, Confocal Microscope, Super-resolution Microscope, Digital camera for microscope

Narishige : Micromanipulator System

Hamilton Throne : Laser Assisted Hatching and Embryo Biopsy System

MMI : Laser Microdissection System 

LUCIA : Image Analysis Software

Sutter : Micromanipultor System, Micropipette Fabrication

Oko-lab : Incubator System for Microscope

Andor : EMCCD camera, Spinning Disk Confocal

Chroma : High Quality Optical Filter

Astec : Embryo Observation System 

Herz : Vibration Isolation System 

Varolab : Lab Tables, Incubators and Accessories for IVF

EBERS Medical Technology SL : Equipment for Cell and Tissue Culture

Huron Digital Pathology: Digital Whole Slide Imaging  

ViewsIQ : Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

3D Biomatrix : Three-dimensional Cell Culture

BioSpherix : Cytocentric Cell Incubation & Processing System

Oxford Optronix : Mammalian cell counter

MILAB : Molecular Imaging System

NODUS : Animal Behavior Observation System